Probably nothing out of the ordinary for a highly seismically active area, but if recent earthquakes under the Yellowstone caldera are a harbinger of the once-every-600,000 year supervolcano eruption that’s about due, it would make the most apocalyptic visions of Global Warming look downright pleasant. See also here and here.

I’m not heading out to stock up on 50 lb bags of rice at Costco — yet — but this can serve as a reminder that there are a number of potentially civilization-ending events of which we ought to be aware of and for which we must — to a certain extent — be prepared. Preparedness must be prioritized based on non-politicized judgments of risk and sometimes the best preparedness is a robust economy that creates the resources and technology that can be marshalled to combat that extremely high-cost, extremely low-frequency event that suddenly surfaces. That eruption, or that asteroid, or whatever, will come eventually, but think how much better civilization is likely to fare if we have another few hundred years of growth and technology under our collective belts. A few short generations ago, we probably would not even have had any warning at all of such an event.


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